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The Future Of Automation

At Cedar Robotics we are striving to help restaurants improve customer experience and operating efficiency. We provide business owners with end to end systems that are easy to install and intuitive to use.

Our Service

Cedar DeliveryBot

Delivers food from the kitchen to the customer

Cedar MenuBot

Digitizes your menu, payment system, and dish management

We bundle DeliveryBot and MenuBot together as a service for a flat monthly fee. Please contact sales for pricing.

The Team

Caleb John

Caleb John is the visionary behind the company, and dedicated to creating the best product possible. He is a master programmer who has written the backbone of the software. In addition to this he is in charge of sales and marketing.

Valentin Siia

Valentin Siia is the Head of Technology, he is a skilled developer who is passionate about fitting hardware and software together into a seamless, easy to use package, that is intuitive for customers to use.

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